Grief Recovery Method

This may be the first time you’ve seen the words “grief” and “recovery” used together. We’re advised to “Get over it!” And we would do that—if we knew how. Most suggestions offered are intellectual, not correct and not helpful; after all, you’re suffering from a broken heart, not a broken head.

If we could have thought our way through grief, we would have done it.

Rather than reading theories about living and coping with grief, we’ll step into a new way of understand and working with it in a safe and respectful setting. Everyone’s journey will be unique, but no one will take the journey bound by isolation. And your take-aways will allow you to be a great contributor to your children, family, friends, and community to boot!

Recovery Guided Through Specific, Proven Steps

Step by step, you’ll discover the skills to complete your relationship with those you lost. That may sound rather strange—how can you complete a relationship with someone you can’t talk to? You’ll learn a way.

We begin by correcting misinformation and looking at myths about the nature of grief. This alone provides great reassurance and relief. We’ll look at things people say, such as the following:

It just takes time.

It’s just a stage of grief.

Just keep yourself busy.

You’ll keep your good memories. You’ll let go of the pain. You’ll find true free choice in choosing if and when to have new relationships, not out of loneliness and fear. You’ll be better equipped to help children, family, friends, and community.

Applying the skills and healing your grief can yield many unexpected gifts. You may find that things suddenly align in a new way that you couldn’t have predicted. And if you get slapped by an unexpected wave, as life has a way of doing to us, the skills you’ve developed will support you.

Mostly, people find new freedom in their lives! Grief is cumulative; learn the skills now that you can use for the rest of your life and share with those you love.

How does our program differ from tradition grief support?

We welcome everyone.

Most traditional support groups segregate participants by the type of loss they’ve experienced. In over 30 years, we’ve seen no benefit in doing that. Even if two people experience the same type of loss they still wouldn’t have the exact same experience because all relationships are unique. We have found that focusing on the type of loss puts the focus in the wrong place. Grief Recovery works on every type of loss.

We ask for your commitment.

Attendance is required whether online or in person. Traditional grief support groups have no specific end date and participants are allowed to drop in as they please. We require commitments. We encourage participants to make a commitment to each other for the duration of the program. Attendance and participation build trust and safety, which are essential elements to recovery from grief.

We are action-based.

Although many traditional grief support groups offer a safe environment for a grievers to talk about their feelings, talking only provides a short-term relief. Talking about your feelings can be beneficial, but it’s not enough. The Grief Recovery Method Program is designed to guide grievers through a series of action steps to complete the pain associated with their feelings.

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