Our Purpose

  • To help you— rediscover the ability within yourself to transform the quality of your life…
  • To teach you— how to complete a relationship with a loved one or circumstance that has left you broken-hearted…
  • To empower you— with tools to help you and others heal their hearts and let go of the pain that keeps them stuck.

Lynnette’s Story

Lynnette is an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist with training to teach the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) on a one-on-one basis, in a group, and online. She spent her professional life working as an RN. She also was a counselor at a Crisis Pregnancy Center and is a Certified Health Coach. Her experience connecting with diverse personalities, relationships, and people in crisis has proven to be an extremely helpful skill.

Lynnette experienced deep loss early on that has continued throughout her life starting with the loss of both parents while they were yet still alive – one to mental illness that led to alcoholism, the other to alcoholism as well. She got into Grief Recovery after experiencing still more loss of people where, once again, they were still alive and found the transformational power of the GR program that comes from resolving grief by taking simple action steps. From the many experiences of her life which include divorce, estrangement, loss of career, sexual abuse, physical abuse, loss of beloved pets, death of a little brother to substance abuse, and the intangible losses of trust and safety, she has developed a depth of compassion and understanding coupled with a strong desire to help others who have experienced grief from any of the myriad ways grief enters our lives. Lynnette understands overwhelming loss that can make life almost unbearable. That is what brought her to Grief Recovery.

The GRM is a powerful and successful program that effectively moves you through the pain, through the isolation, and on to living the rest of your life. She believes it is the single, most effective, powerful, accessible, affordable, evidence-based intervention she is aware of to create a meaningful and lasting healing of grief and allow true re-engagement with life. Lynnette is happy to help you do this because she has gone through the program herself and knows its power. Grief Recovery TRANSFORMED her life. She wants to help you TRANSFORM yours, too. She will sit present with you, heart to heart (even on ZOOM), and walk alongside you in your journey as you walk forward. She longs to help you identify and practice new tools for grief recovery that can be used to heal other losses. She wants you to experience hope and transformation.

Lynnette offers one-on-one online support and one-on-one and small group classes in person serving the greater Chattanooga, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, and North Georgia areas.

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