“If you are reading this, there is a high probability that your heart is broken.”

John W. James

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What is Grief?

Grief is the normal, natural reaction to loss of any kind. Grief is all of the feelings, sometimes conflicting and frequently changing, caused by the end of your life as you have known it. It’s entering new, uncharted territory, often with feelings of loneliness and isolation.

There are many types of losses. Although the death of a loved one is the type of loss our society typically recognizes, other significant losses include any of the following:

  • divorce or separation
  • an unborn child
  • loss of fertility
  • a beloved animal
  • feeling less than loved
  • moving, retirement, loss of physical abilities or parts, losses from disasters, careers, trust…

Symptoms of grief include what most of us have been taught to recognize:

  • numbness
  • shock
  • sadness and tears
  • anger

But they may also include not eating or always eating; not sleeping or always sleeping; not moving or not being able to stop moving. And sometimes it is NOT sadness, tears, or anger. Sometimes it is acting as though everything is normal, when in reality something has drastically changed. Perhaps you’ve learned to keep your feelings to yourself; perhaps you’re careful to avoid certain subjects that trigger your expression of emotion. You don’t have to suffer in isolation.


Meet Lynnette

Lynnette is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist serving the greater Chattanooga, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, and North Georgia areas.. Read her story and learn more about the Grief Recovery Method and how it can help you transform your life.

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What Are People  Saying About Grief Recovery?



My grandmother died when I was 12. We lived next door to her until I was 6 and I spent many hours at Mawmaw’s house. There was a big funeral when she died but the illness and death were not discussed.
Decades later Grief Recovery helped me process her death giving me the opportunity to safely express what I was unable to say when she was alive. I always had fond memories of her but after GR I was flooded with many warm and vivid memories of her that had been hidden. Grief was replaced by joy.

W. F. – Group Grief Recovery, TN

I was skeptical. I had worked on the pain of my father’s abandonment for almost 50 years. Once I began to trust the process, I could feel the changes happening. I don’t carry that pain any longer. Thank you, Lynnette, for making your program available to me. I would encourage anyone living with the pain of loss to consider your program.

C.K. – Group Grief Recovery, TN

“I wasn’t sure I needed grief recovery because I didn’t think I was grieving. But, I was deeply struggling with an eating disorder and felt like I had lost myself. Through Grief Recovery, I made massive steps towards full recovery. I no longer need to use my eating disorder behaviors to avoid my feelings because I know how to work through grief and difficult emotions. I was able to regain freedom that I hadn’t felt in a long time because I am no longer a slave to hurt or bitterness. Grief Recovery was a major turning point in my recovery and rediscovery process, and I am so thankful for this program!”

A.H. – One on One ONLINE,  Greece

The name Grief Recovery is almost misleading because it encompasses so much more than what most people think of as grief. EVERYONE can benefit from grief recovery! It’s basically learning to deal with problems that we may have just “swept under the rug.” These kinds of problems can adversely affect our lives but grief recovery gives concrete action steps, (unlike most kinds of traditional therapy), to walk us out of the emotional jail we are in to true freedom! And the best part is that once we learn the process, we can use it for the rest of our lives to avoid getting stuck again. Grief Recovery is a game changer!

S.H. – Group Grief Recovery, GA

I signed up thinking I might find something to help with my work in helping at risk children but was surprised to find that it helped me with my own losses from childhood and also has helped me help me own children deal effectively with the losses in their lives.     

S. P. – Helping Children ONLINE, TN




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